Matt Kania

Matt Kania on the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN.

Profile of the Artist

Born in the heart of Chicago and later raised in the farm country of Illinois, at an early age Matt Kania was instilled with a deep appreciation for both urban environments and wide open spaces. In fact, to this day, Matt tends to thrive and feel equally at home in a fast paced city and in the quiet of a far removed wilderness. As a result, Kania's imagery tends to be eclectic – sometimes focusing on themes based in culture and at other times looking at themes that revolve around the natural world. As Kania says, "The commonality in my work is a reflection of the view that 'all experiences are equal'."

A deeply rooted love for Lake Superior and northern landscapes eventually landed Kania in Duluth, Minnesota – where today he can be seen carrying his paint box to environs around the lake to paint 'en plein air' or mixing paints in his studio to work on his next composition.



The following institutions have had a significant influence on my life as an artist – where I have obtained art education (E), have served as a guest instructor (T), where I have exhibited my paintings and/or prints in their galleries (G), or have selected works in a permanent collection (PC):


Tweed Museum of Art (PC)

Duluth Art Institute (E) (T) (G)

Grand Marais Art Colony (E) (T) (G)

Highpoint Center for Printmaking (E) (T) (G)

Minneapolis College of Art and Design (E)

Northern Printmakers Alliance (G)

Bloomington Art Center (G)

Waters of Superior Gallery (G)

Lizzards Art Gallery (G)

I am also the founder of a professional map design and illustration studio, with 20 years of experience as an illustrator and cartographer. Examples of my work can be seen at: