Artist's Statement: As a Painter

Porcelain - Intaglio Print by Matt KaniaPainting represents my best effort to convey the experience of a place – what it felt like to be ‘in this place, at this time’. That is the motivation of my painting ‘en plein air’. I am not trying to paint pretty pictures of nature. I am simply alive in these places and the painting becomes a vehicle for the experience – that lives on beyond the moment. At some point in the process of painting, it is no longer about the scene or about some sense of reality – it becomes all about the painting.


Artist's Statement: As a Printmaker

Porcelain - Intaglio Print by Matt KaniaPrintmaking is my way of storytelling. Each print I create is a snapshot of life – as seen through my eyes, filtered through my mind, and produced by my hands. No two stories are the same and this is reflected in my printmaking. My aim is to share with the viewer that the world is both simple and complex, full and empty, understood and a complete mystery. That is what my imagery reflects upon. Each print is designed as it needs to be. They begin with ideas ... ideas become images ... then become prints ... each one unique and hand-crafted to tell its story.

"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." – Edward Hopper, American Artist